The Right Time to Perform a Security Analysis

How security analysis works

An effective product security analysis will examine your project at each step in the development process, from planning to design to development and beyond.

  • Which data will the device collect?
  • How will it collect the information, and what happens to it after collection — is it analyzed on the device itself, or transmitted to analysis software in the cloud?
  • Where does the analysis go, and where is the information stored?
  • What barriers will be in place to prevent security breaches at every stage?

Are developers to blame?

It’s become fashionable to blame product designers and software developers for security flaws. This tendency is understandable: they are, after all, writing the code. But boards that scrimp on security during budgeting, C-suite executives who fail to make the case for funding security analysis, and pressure on developers to continually release new software and updates at the expense of security tend to be the real culprits.



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