Application Security Is Getting Worse, Not Better

The app insecurity complex

  • Create fake apps or clones of existing apps via reverse engineering to trick users into providing credentials and other sensitive data as well as access to accounts. This is also known as “tampering.”
  • Install bots to launch attacks on websites and perform online betting and other transactions
  • Install malware on the device or on others in its network. In the infamous WhatsApp malware injection breach, attackers exploited a VOIP (voice over internet protocol) vulnerability in the mobile app that allowed them to inject malware into phones simply by calling them.
  • Skim credit-card information
  • Inject malicious scripts for clickjacking and formjacking
  • Provide access to sensitive stored data — via the device’s operating system, the development framework, cookies and preferences, and other avenues for attack
  • Eavesdrop on API communications to steal the data in transit — also known as a “man in the middle” attack

In-app protection techniques






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We help companies develop secure products

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